About Me

Who am I? Chances are, we’ve got something in common.

I’m a twenty-something involved in the incredibly complicated process of finishing my metamorphosis into adulthood.  Is there anything else to say?  Yes? Ok, here are some more deets:

I am in love with a man with an accent (you’re jealous, you know you are!), and I am very attached to my crazy, free-spirited family, of which I’m by far the most anal-retentive. I sing constantly, am addicted to reading, and like to fancy myself crafty and artistic — which I only am occasionally and when the bug strikes. I recently lost 80lbs on Weight Watchers, necessitated by the fact that I can out-eat most people I know. I’ve got wonderful friends, a cute apartment, and a penchant for skin care. I live in the best city in America, working for a living in a job that doesn’t utilize all my skills or pay me in any way relevant to the cost of my degree.

In sum, I’m getting by, growing up, and finding my way through this little roller-coaster of life — and I’ve just got to share!


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