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So, has anyone purchased off ModCloth before? I never have, but I’ve been sorely tempted… and then a friend passed a $20 discount my way… and I ran out of excuses.

(Want the discount, too? Click here to sign up. You’ll get $20 off any $50 order placed by Oct 31, and I’ll get $20 too. Win win!)

Oh man, I splurged.

It started with the green cardigan. I had a long green cardigan I LOVED that started developing holes, and it almost made me cry to throw it away. I saw this one and, oh, how I want it to be as pretty in person as it looks!

Leaf if for Later Cardigan, $37.99

I would have stopped there… but I had to spend $50 to get the discount, you know? I saw this great rusty red dress… and I wanted to wear it with my new brown boots while tromping through colorful fallen leaves. So, I bought the last one.

Rusted Route Dress, out of stock

And since we’re on the subject of dresses… this pink number has all the figure-flattering elements I like (i.e. fitted to the waist only)… and it’s swishy. And it matches my fingernails. No, that’s not a good reason.

Just About Anywhere Dress, $44.99

And, lastly, I decided to toss in an ivory cardigan. I’ve been on the hunt for one, because now that I have brown boots I need a cardigan that isn’t black. Plus, it would look really cute with that pink dress, no? And this one has five star reviews, as in comes a whole slew of cute colors. Maybe I’ll have hit the cardigan holy grail. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Charter School Cardigan in Ivory, $34.99

So, oops. This wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t been on a terrible shopping spree for the last, um, several weeks. At least I haven’t bought anything full price… right???



Screamin’ Deal!

You know those North Face jackets EVERYONE has?  The black hoodless ones that come in both men’s and women’s cuts and are ridiculously expensive?  You know, these?

Get yer butt to Costco, then!  They have knock-offs for $27.  Yes, that’s right … $27! The brand is Black Diamond, and they come in black, off-white, baby blue, and a sage-y green, if my memory serves me correctly. And they have an iPod pocket.  Take THAT, North Face! I got the green one and tested it out in our cold, windy, wet early fall-weather, and it was wonderful!

Sure, I’d have liked to be the only kid on the block who got such a steal on a NW staple, but I couldn’t not share!

(While you’re there, check out the cute Nine West puffy vests for $20. Love!)