My health care has an excellent perk: a rewards program!

The way it works is this: You take a health “survey” once a year, and you get a $30 gift card to Amazon! You earn a certain number of extra points (for logging exercise or healthy eating or getting a pap smear or whatever, or you complete a “program” that requires you to do almost nothing), and you get more gift cards!

The first year I took advantage of this, I put it towards some big-girl, polarized, not cheap, sunglasses. My new boyfriend had been harping on me to upgrade, and after stepping on a cheapo lens after it fell out of my sunnies (again), I caved. I still wear the same pair… whereas the-then-boyfriend-now-husband has gone through like four pairs. Interesting.

In 2011, I bought an ice cream attachment for my Kitchenaid. I’m pretty sure my health insurance wouldn’t be super excited about providing me with an endless supply of ice cream, but whatevs.


Last year, I put my rewards towards an awesome knife block to store our incredible new wedding knives.


This year, rather than put it towards something big, I bought a bunch of selection of smaller things I really want but am always too cheap to buy:


A 12″ cast iron skillet (I’m making pizza!!), a long-desired Silpat, cooling racks (so I don’t have to use the my stupid roasting racks anyway), and a jar of vanilla paste. I’m so excited to get to using this stuff!

Anyone else get perks like this from their health insurance? Inquiring minds want to know.


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