Mashed potato meh

This past weekend, I gave into one of my homesick husband’s weirder requests: a Boston bun.

WTF is a Boston bun? It has absolutely nothing to do with Boston, nor is it even a bun. It’s essentially a spiced raisin cake made with mashed potatoes, topped with pink frosting and coconut on top.Yes, seriously.

Matt doesn’t even particularly LIKE Boston buns (can you blame him?), but for some reason, he really wanted one. I was 100% unexcited about making this. The things we do for love, right?

I made my mashed potatoes and pushed them through a sieve, and, at Matt’s request, I added mixed spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice) and used a combo of raisins, currants, and mixed peel in place of the sultanas. I used a recipe from New Zealand Women’s Weekly with tweaks from a recipe from (that, incidentally, had to be the least helpful recipe ever).

Add together recipes that disagreed on whether this made one or two buns, trying to conjure up self-rising flour when I only needed plain (i.e. all-purpose) to begin with, too much attention paid to the backseat-baking going on in my kitchen, and a hell of a lot of impatience to get-the-damn-thing-done-so-we-could-watch-Game-of-Thrones-already… and we got a solid “meh.”

I mean, it was kind of pretty (hell yes, I made the icing an embarrassing princess pink, because IT’S TRADITION)…





… but, sadly, it was definitely underdone.




Whether this was due to the confusion over number of pans and baking time, the wrong amount of baking powder, the impatience to eat it while watching GoT, or just some truly terrible toothpick-testing on my part (or all of the above) is a mystery.

That said… it didn’t taste half bad, and it was a culinary revolution compared to what I expected from mashed potato, raisins, mixed peel, nutmeg, and pink icing! It’s tasty enough that I’ve been sneaking bits off of it, mainly because that pink frosting is actually quite addicting.





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