So, has anyone purchased off ModCloth before? I never have, but I’ve been sorely tempted… and then a friend passed a $20 discount my way… and I ran out of excuses.

(Want the discount, too? Click here to sign up. You’ll get $20 off any $50 order placed by Oct 31, and I’ll get $20 too. Win win!)

Oh man, I splurged.

It started with the green cardigan. I had a long green cardigan I LOVED that started developing holes, and it almost made me cry to throw it away. I saw this one and, oh, how I want it to be as pretty in person as it looks!

Leaf if for Later Cardigan, $37.99

I would have stopped there… but I had to spend $50 to get the discount, you know? I saw this great rusty red dress… and I wanted to wear it with my new brown boots while tromping through colorful fallen leaves. So, I bought the last one.

Rusted Route Dress, out of stock

And since we’re on the subject of dresses… this pink number has all the figure-flattering elements I like (i.e. fitted to the waist only)… and it’s swishy. And it matches my fingernails. No, that’s not a good reason.

Just About Anywhere Dress, $44.99

And, lastly, I decided to toss in an ivory cardigan. I’ve been on the hunt for one, because now that I have brown boots I need a cardigan that isn’t black. Plus, it would look really cute with that pink dress, no? And this one has five star reviews, as in comes a whole slew of cute colors. Maybe I’ll have hit the cardigan holy grail. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Charter School Cardigan in Ivory, $34.99

So, oops. This wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t been on a terrible shopping spree for the last, um, several weeks. At least I haven’t bought anything full price… right???



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