My new favorite thing

I drink a *lot* of water. A noteworthy amount. An embarrassing amount. An amount where I actually get nervous when I go somewhere where I won’t have a ready supply of cold, filtered drinking water. So, of course, I always ALWAYS have a glass of water by my bed.

Yes, sometimes I’ve knocked it over in the middle of the night, splattering me, my phone, my clock, my wall… everything.

Yes, sometimes I’ve even BROKEN the glass, and no one likes cleaning broken glass out of their carpet at 3am.

Yes, sometimes I’ve accidentally ingested bugs. Please don’t make me go into details, ok? UGH.

So, for someone like me, is this not the BEST INVENTION EVER?!?


It’s a carafe with a glass that FITS ON TOP! Beside Carafe, Crate & Barrel

I saw it one day when doing after-wedding registry-completion stuff, and I flipped. My husband, however, pooh-poohed it, insisting I’d knock it over and get water everywhere (which, like, I did regularly anyway, duh). On further inspection, I decided it was far too delicate for the likes of me, and I was in a cheap-ass mood, so off I went.

Flash forward a month or so later when I was shopping at Target, and OMG, I saw a bedside carafe, but this time super heavy duty, and since it was at Target it was cheap, right? (actually, one dollar more than C&B… whatevs). It went in my bag, and off I went.

I LOVE it. I mean, seriously, this thing is awesome!


 Oh look, a boring glass and carafe.



Not as elegant as C&B’s, but so much better for me. I wish I could give you a link, but I haven’t been able to find it on the Target website… so if you must have one, you might just have to go with C&B.

Seriously. Best thing ever. Huge supply of water, no bugs, and super heavy duty to withstand this disaster zone… knock on wood.


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