One bright spot

This week has unequivocally SUCKED. Between the busy-ness of preparing for the start of the school year, the general incompetence I’ve encountered as a result, the student who came into my office and broke my stuff, and, best of all, falling off the steps in Red Square and the bloody mess that resulted from THAT, it’s been well and truly suck-ful.

HOWEVER — in the middle of all that crap, there was a calm, sweet moment, and I want to record it for posterity’s sake.

I was reading on the lawn during my lunch break yesterday when I heard some commotion off to my left (“come back! come back!”). I looked up and saw a little boy, no more than 3 years old,  running at me full-speed. He had two dandelions in full puff, one in each little fist. He ran right up to me, stopped, and handed me one of the dandelions… and then took off again, leaving a trail of dandelion seeds blowing behind him.

It was beautiful and touching, and I’ll never forget the sight of him running with the seeds flying in the air behind him.

I took that little dandelion puff and blew off the seeds, and made a wish.


One thought on “One bright spot

  1. Rhonda says:

    Love this!!! Thanks for sharing!

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