I just looked back at my recipes, combing through them all to pick a perfect one for a project — and it hit me just how much I miss this blog.

I used to cook ALL the time. I still do, but with far less baking (trying to maintain my figure, yo) and far less experimenting. I feel like my life has gotten unmanageably busy… which is really disappointing considering that the quarter has (finally) ended so I theoretically should have my evenings back.

But now, between dress fittings, trials for various beauty things, meetings with vendors, traveling and guests, shopping, crafting, flat out worrying, and always ALWAYS feeling like I should be exercising instead (which, excepting the worrying and exercise guilt, are all wonderful things)… I just feel swamped. A wedding is a beautiful, exciting thing… but it’s also totally overwhelming!

Anyway, enough of that. I’m very excited to get married… just a bit overwhelmed at the moment, and currently very much looking forward to life getting back to normal!


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