Productive, finally

I’ve been busy! My favorite kind of busy, too — the kind that lets me make fun things while being cozily at home.

First up: AH-mazing (as in, the most delicious thing ever, I died and went to heaven) Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies. I made these for our belated Father’s Day celebration, since, when we were kids, no road trip was complete with Dad buying Nutter Butters from a convenience store — which he would *kind of* share with us. Recipe from The Grand Central Bakery Cookbook.

(These are very much a “sometimes” food!)

Also for Father’s Day, one of Dad’s indulgences from my childhood — Rum Raisin ice cream. Dad and Aussie gave it the thumbs up. None for me, thankyouverymuch. Recipe from The Perfect Scoop.

(Blurry on purpose so you don’t have to see the raisins polluting the fantastic rummy custard base!)

Not for Father’s Day, or even for Aussie (since he likes rum raisin), but purely for me — Vanilla Ice Cream, Philly-style. My first experience with vanilla beans!* Recipe also from The Perfect Scoop (hasn’t failed me yet).

(Most boring picture ever. Enjoy).

It wasn’t all cooking, though. I also made my sister a MAGENTA (the color deserves all caps) slouch hat. “Taylor Swift Inspired Diamond Slouch Beret” by Julie Grantz.

(I’m smirking at YOU!)

But then… back to food. Aussie was so enamored with the blueberry muffins I made last week (and the European romance of eating pastries with breakfast), that he requested another breakfast treat this week. I made Low Fat Banana Nut Bread from Gina’s Skinny Recipes (as muffins instead of a loaf… just reduced baking time to 23 mins), which was described as tasting both like banana AND nuts, and therefore delicious.

(This photo is not, however, delicious.)

And that’s about it! Now I’m just twiddling my thumbs hoping the sun makes an appearance sometime. A girl can only bake (and eat) so much, right?

*Side note: Vanilla bath products have totally nailed it. They smell EXACTLY like vanilla beans. Nice one.


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