I don’t really like blueberries…

…but I can be easily tempted by a fantastic sale.

I walked into Whole Foods on Friday to get milk for breakfast (or something equally mundane) and saw all these signs declaring that BLUEBERRIES WERE $1.99 A PINT FOR TODAY ONLY!!!


I don’t really like blueberries.

Does Aussie like blueberries?

I don’t know… but probably. I mean, he likes all other fruit (melons not included), right?

It’s $2… I mean, that’s super cheap. Worst case I’ll drink a bunch of smoothies this weekend.

And then I bought the blueberries.

Turns out Aussie does like blueberries… at least, well enough. So I made him some blueberry pancakes, which I didn’t even try, because, duh, I don’t really like blueberries. He said they were tasty, though, and they certainly came out pretty!

I put some in a smoothie.

Aussie tried to infuse some vodka with blueberries. We’ll see how that goes.

None of this really impressed me, but these muffins… well, these were different!

These are Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins from Gina’s Skinny Recipes. They’re good. REALLY good. I even ate one for breakfast. Without butter. Wow.

If I was any kind of friend, I would have figured this out while the blueberries were still on sale at Whole Foods…



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