In pictures…

On Friday night, I made bread. Then I made butter to put on the bread. I felt like freaking Laura Ingalls.

On Sunday, I finished the hat I was (slowly, very slowly) making for my sister. Because, you know, one hand-knit slouchy hat isn’t enough.

Last night, I made banana pumpkin muffins*, because how else would I use three too-ripe bananas, my leftover homemade butter, and that pumpkin puree that is STILL languishing in my freezer?

Today, my wonderful Aussie sent me flowers at work. It almost made me cry.

And… tonight, I had the most blissful massage and facial, courtesy of an awesome TravelZoo deal, at a spa that is ridiculously close to home.

Feel free to smack me the next time I complain.

*These are, obviously, adapted. I made them into muffins to encourage portion control (HA!!!), used raw sugar instead of light brown because that’s what I had, and omitted the nuts because I was too lazy to go to the store. All in all, quite good, but next time, I think I’ll make a loaf instead.


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