Not at all related to St. Patrick’s Day*…

And the award for “Ugliest Yet Totally Tasty Dinner” goes to…

Crockpot Chicken Vindaloo, adapted from This Week’s Menu!

Wow, are you UGLY! Is it because I left you in the crockpot for double the suggested time and then shredded your chicken (never an aesthetically pleasing move!)? It probably isn’t because I left out the potatoes and parsley, or because I added a bit of chicken broth when you threatened to dry out. It certainly isn’t because I added a dollop of Nancy’s Sour Cream** to you and served you with brown rice.

Regardless, you are DELICIOUS! I had my doubts, but yum. My kitchen (and skin) may smell like curry for days to come, but you are very very good,  both the night-of and as leftovers.

Um…. that is all.

*I didn’t completely ignore St. Patrick’s Day. I wore green and baked Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes (yes, racially insensitive, I know) for various gatherings.

**This sour cream is AMAZING. I never knew sour cream could taste like that. Wow.



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