Badass Yogis

I spent the weekend with my family in Portland and, seeing as how my parents own a yoga studio, I did a lot of yoga… and I’m so sore I can barely move. I’m a complete and utter lard-ass.

The other members of my family, however, are complete and utter badasses.

I know this is very unyogi of me. Every body is different. Every yoga pose is different, and as long as you are breathing, you are doing it right.

Try thinking that when you spot your mom doing this:


Or when you spy your dad doing this (wearing significantly less pink, thankfully!):


Or when your sister begs you to take a picture of her doing this for her new Facebook profile pic:

See what I mean? BADASS!!!

I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad. After all, I can do this one ok:





2 thoughts on “Badass Yogis

  1. Matt says:

    I can do that pose too

    WIN for both of us! 😀

  2. What It Is says:

    […] only bad thing about visiting my yogi family is their weird eating patterns. They are so busy they don’t eat until, well, dinner. […]

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