Risotto, Part Deux

I love Tuesdays. Tuesdays are mine. I can go to the gym. I can make elaborate dinners. I can do nothing, or do something — it’s marvelous.

A couple weeks ago, I made a vegan baked mushroom risotto that was oh-so yum…yum enough that I wanted to attempt another risotto! In the comments of that post, my friend E*Beth recommended another mushroom risotto that looked fantastic.

Risotto takes forever, right? That makes it the PERFECT Tuesday dinner!

This mushroom risotto, courtesy of Pioneer Woman, is really similar to the first one, with two differences:

1) The PW recipe is decidedly NOT vegan.

2) The PW recipe is made on the stovetop — which means it takes forever and is very hands-on.

Oh man, how yummy! This risotto is incredibly creamy, flavorful, and totally worth the 1.5 hours it took to make. I may like it even better than the vegan version (which doesn’t come as that much of a surprise!). And if you can squeeze four servings out of it instead of the recommended three, it’s only 9 Points+… not too shabby for something so decadent!

So. Two risottos, very similar ingredients, quite different results — both resulting in a very happy me!


5 thoughts on “Risotto, Part Deux

  1. E*beth says:

    My goodness, I cannot BELIEVE how creamy that looks. Crazy. and yummy.
    I think the more you cook risotto, the less time you’ll find it takes. I’m not sure why that is though…..

    • Jenni says:

      I know, right? It was crazy creamy, but not mushy. So so good. 🙂

      And that totally makes sense. And besides that, after making this recipe once, I know I could make the mushrooms and the risotto at the same time… that would cut down on a bunch of time!

      Thanks again for the recommendation!!

  2. RachelJohan says:

    have you tried Smitten Kitchen’s barley risotto? I am obsessed. Obsessed. http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/01/barley-risotto-with-beans-and-greens/

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