Oh, hello, March

So long, January and February! You are OVER and I don’t have to deal with your shit until next year. You can suck my metaphorical balls.

Hello, MARCH! There’s no month I am happier to see! (… including November, the month of vacation and turkey and awesome).

March, you are the best. You signal the end of the most godawful duo in existence, January and February, and give me hope that better days are coming… days where I can actually stop and breathe, days when I don’t have to work weekends, days when I could possibly be warm and/or wear my sunglasses, days when I maybe (just maybe) can stop relying on my light box to keep me sane and awake and not crying.

So, welcome, March. Now, if you don’t mind, please cut to the “lamb” part ASAP.


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