The Good, The Bad, The Reality

The Good: Aussie came home this weekend!

The Bad: He brought the flu with him.

The Reality: I spent a hell of a lot of time cooking… because, really, I can only watch so much TV!


What do you do when you REALLY want some chocolate but are missing some key ingredients from every recipe you find? You make fake brown sugar with molasses and white sugar, you make some homegrown buttermilk with regular milk and white vinegar, and then you make some easy, delicious chocolate cake (adapted from Smitten Kitchen).

And what do you do with that leftover rice from your Thai take out the night before? Make some fried rice, of course! (recipe adapted from Weight Watchers).

And when watching the Super Bowl pregame show all morning long gets a little tedious, you can make some of the most embarrassingly-shaped baguettes in the history of the world. (recipe from Dough: Simple Contemporary Breads by Richard Bertinet).

And when your man (who you wish was just suffering from Man-Cold) wakes up shivering, spends the day wrapped in blankets, and has a fever so high he’s almost too hot to touch, you make some good old-fashioned chicken noodle soup (recipe adapted from


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