Working for the Weekend

It snowed last night. It was beautiful… but then it started to rain.

So, instead of enjoying a much-hoped-for snow day at home, this morning I waded through ankle-deep slush to my car, dropped Aussie off at the airport (keeping the tears to a minimum!), drove home through slush, and climbed back into bed…

All by 6am.

Let me tell you, I do not relish waking up TWICE on Hump Day, especially when it’s to ship my lover off to SoCal! Is it really only Wednesday?

I’ll get over it. Why? This weekend is a blessed THREE DAY weekend. A weekend where, every year, I feel slightly guilty for not heeding MLK’s call to service… but do something decadent and luxurious and altogether lazy anyway. After all, it is my last chance to be truly lazy before work starts to get so busy I barely have time to breathe! I get a free pass, don’t I? Pretty please??

Suffice to say I’m quite enjoying day-dreaming about what I’ll do with my three free days!

*I must register my beloved, life-saving, snow-conquering Surf Jeep.

*I think I might go to the yarn store to pick up some yarn for a few projects I have in mind.

*I would like to try my hand at biscotti.

*I suppose I could curl up on the couch with some tea and something home-baked, watching DVR-ed episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Say Yes to the Dress,” and maybe even the finale of “The Sing-Off.”

*I should probably exchange that Christmas present… if I feel like braving the mall.

*I just might finish my book-club book, and perhaps start a new one.

*And… I will likely treat myself to the naked Korean spa for some much-needed, soul-reviving, life-affirming warmth! After all, that’s how I spent last MLK Day… why not make it a tradition?

Whatever I DO do, I’m going to promise myself not to do one thing: feel sorry for myself that Aussie is back in San Bernardino and I’m still here in the rain and slush!

But seriously…is it really only Wednesday???


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