Red Velvet Cupcakes… why?

Can somebody please explain red velvet cupcakes to me?

They always seem to be world-famous, or the best-selling, or have some other superlative status. They are always met with sighs and exclamations of “Oh! I LOVE red velvet!!” They are cooed over like newborn babies.

And well, I just don’t get  it!

Don’t get me wrong. They’re tasty. The colors are pretty darn cute. The frosting is SO GOOD. I’ll happily eat red velvet (I have a friend who makes it particularly well) and enjoy it. But… well…I just don’t get the hype!

I made Red Velvet Cupcakes awhile back, and, trust me, it was a great recipe. They were super moist, fluffy, nicely textured — and they were gobbled in about two seconds by my coworkers, who all exclaimed how “I just LOVE red velvet! They’re my FAVORITE! You should make these AGAIN!”

But me? While I could have bathed in the frosting and then licked it off myself (was that TMI?), I was… well, I guess I was just laboring under false assumptions. I was expecting a chocolate cupcake in cute little red disguise, while, really, it was just a perfectly moist little delivery vehicle for some damn-good frosting. I even doubled the cocoa, people! What the pho?

You know, I made these so long ago that I don’t remember for certain, but I think I used bakerella’s recipe. And trust me — they are everything red velvet cupcakes should be. If you like red velvet, I’m pretty sure you would LOVE these little babies!

But for the life of me, I still can’t figure out the hype! Please, someone, anyone… explain this to me??




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