My Happy List

I realize yesterday’s post was a bit on the mopey side. I apologize. It’s time for an intervention.

When I was in TeachForAmerica, one of my fellow corps members was having a particularly rough year. To help boost herself, she posted a giant piece of butcher paper in her dining room and wrote things that made her happy on it — memories, quotes, simple pleasures. At the time, I’m not sure that I really understood, but I think I do now: at some point, you’ve got to put the good stuff right in your face so you can’t miss it.

If that’s not enough of a reason, my choir director likes to ask people what brings them joy. I’ve been avoiding eye contact every time the subject comes up. I figure I better come up with a few answers, just in case.

So, without further ado, here’s my list of things that give me warm fuzzies and just generally make me happy. I plan to come back and update it every so often.


*My new(ish) GAP 1969 curvy jeans

*Wearing scarves

*Going to Mexico with my family

*Getting love-y texts from Aussie

*Dogs, especially Rudy and Kobe


*Students playing zombie wars

*Having a mini-fridge in my office

*Getting my toes done



*My prescription for a monthly massage


*Comfy shoes

*Giving handmade presents

*Watching the HusKEYS perform

*Pulling something fresh-baked out of the oven

*Updating my blog

*Food (duh)

More to come…


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