Too tired to eat

Oh man.

What a day.

Took Aussie to the airport for his Palmdale trip – check.

Got caught in massive traffic on the way from the airport to work – check.

Thought I could outsmart the traffic and got terribly lost – check.

Got to work an hour and a half late – check.

Ran (both figuratively and literally) the Welcome BBQ – check.

Checked out ten billion practice room keys – check.

Emotional exhaustion followed by traffic-induced exhaustion followed by crazy work exhaustion left me too tired to eat…which, if you know me, is the most ridiculous sentence I’ve ever uttered/typed/whatever. But I know what’s good for me, so I forced down a yogurt.

I am so looking forward to going home, lying on the couch, and watching TV.

I might even watch Glee. And eat a frozen meal for dinner.

It will be our little secret.


2 thoughts on “Too tired to eat

  1. Mary Ann says:

    HUGS!!!! 🙂

    • Jenni says:

      Thanks, Mary Ann! Hopefully today is a bit less exhausting… but I’m pretty sure this whole week is going to be ass-kicking!!

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