And then it was fall

I always forget how the start of the school year hits like a speeding freight train. One second, you are happily frolicking your way through summer, traveling and picnicking and enjoying the sunshine — or, if you were in Seattle this summer, moaning and cursing and desperately trying to stay warm and dry — and the next, there is a line of students at your door, emails from faculty clogging your inbox, auditions and barbecues and orientations, oh my! Your quiet little summer is now a busy hectic fall. Why does this always come as a surprise to me? Usually I feel a bit invigorated by it all, but this year I’m just, well, overwhelmed. And stressed. And vaguely claustrophobic.

At least there is free pizza to eat.

And crazy student fashions that never cease to entertain.

And ROTC kids outside my window getting yelled at and learning the correct way to carry a canteen (yes, seriously).

So, welcome, Fall. I got a gorgeous (and cheap!!) scarf at H&M yesterday, so I guess you can bring it. But if you can hold off on bringing the rain, I’d be really grateful.




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