Last night — oh! last night! — my head seemed to be somewhere else. Aussie insists I was moving in “Jenni Time.” I think it was my sleepless Sunday night finally catching up with me. Or maybe I was just unnerved by Aussie’s impending departure to Moses Lake… again.

For whatever reason, last night’s dinner was a total fail, for multiple reasons:

1) I overbaked the brownies/hedgehogs/whatever I threw together and improvised on (really, I should stop improvising) for today’s staff meeting.

2) I screwed up the pasta with red wine sauce by choosing shitty red wine to cook with, and 3) forgetting the butter at the end.

As I ate this crap-tastic, bitter, nasty pasta, lamenting how I wasted approximately $8 worth of grass-fed beef, $10 worth of wine, and $5 worth of fresh pasta in acidic, runny, inedible squalor, I realized that I 4) had forgotten to make the $5 worth of asparagus for which I had specifically gone to the store that afternoon. Gah!

Then, I 5) made a ganache for the brownies/hedgehogs/whatever that tasted ok, but really could have done with much darker chocolate than I used. Good thing mistakes made in chocolate aren’t really mistakes at all, right?

Later today/tomorrow/when the mood strikes, I’ll post something I did right, or at least marginally well. Today, though, in light of gray skies, absent Aussie, and hump-day blues, I’m going to drown my sorrows in some cheap Chinese.

Some days, you just need cheap Chinese.

EDIT: Ok, so, it turns out the brownies/hedgehogs/whatever for the staff meeting were actually a big hit. They weren’t overbaked at all… but I still can’t get behind that ganache!!


2 thoughts on “FAIL

  1. Matt says:

    Hey, the pasta wasn’t all that bad… just had it in your head, and when something’s in your head there’s not much that can budge it 😉 🙂

    • Jenni says:

      Oh, I don’t know ANYONE like that! 😉

      And babe, just because you’ll eat anything
      (*ahem* SPAM *ahem*) doesn’t mean that pasta tasted good! Thanks for the moral support, though. 🙂

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