A quick summer thought

Is there anything futile than trying to get work done on a beautiful, summer day? Especially when this is one of, oh, maybe 10 such days you’ve seen this summer, and it’s already the end of August? Especially when the end of the work day is so close you can taste it?

I’ll answer for you — NO!

I’m squirmy, I’m antsy, I feel like my skin is two sizes too small. All I want is to step into the toasty gloriousness of this cloudless, wonderfully warm afternoon, turn my face up to the sun like a lizard, and bask.

Instead, I’ll share an article that, in a way, relates to yesterday’s musings. See for yourself: Digital Overload: Your Brain on Gadgets. Makes me want to run away to a commune or go backpacking or something.

Looks like NPR and I were on the same wavelength yesterday!


2 thoughts on “A quick summer thought

  1. Alex says:

    I can just see you in a commune or ashram, growing a garden, harvesting the food, building a fire to cook over and preparing a glorious meal… Really? well maybe with a few technological comforts .. like a grocery store and gas stove and oven… love your writing…

    • Jenni says:

      Ha ha, Dad — you’re too funny! If I had to grow my own food, I’d starve to death… I kill almost everything I touch!

      Love you!

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