Did you have a good 4th of July weekend? Did you get to do American things, like camp, barbecue, and roast marshmallows over a campfire? You did? Good… me too.

I was so desperate for sun that I convinced Aussie that we should go camping in Lake Chelan, which is on the OTHER side of the mountains in the abhorred/blessed (depends on my mood!) rain shadow. He has a friend out there who offered us the use of his “Schabin” — 1/2 shed, 1/2 cabin — perfect!

It was a really, really nice weekend. The Schabin is totally secluded and just perfect for two, complete with all amenities besides running water (that’s my kind of camping!). We barbecued, we roasted marshmallows over a campfire (Aussie’s first time making real s’mores!), we drank our morning coffee on the porch, we slid down water slides… we even bought cherries from a roadside vendor! A very Americana weekend (minus the fireworks, which we skipped), and I had a blast!

I also (memorably, if not fortunately) brought back a few souvenirs…

1) Some mild sunburn and chapping from the insanely dry air. Unavoidable, really.

2) Scarily puffed-up eyes from grass allergies. Apparently my prescription nasal spray is no match for the 6-ft tall grasses growing at the Schabin. One night sleeping on the deck in a tent left me looking like a vampire… and I still kind of do. Red-rimmed eyes are pretty, right? No? Bummer.

3) An airbrushed tramp stamp, courtesy of the lifeguards/tattoo artists at Slide Waters (which was seriously fun, by the way). Who decided these were sexy? Boys, of course. Girls would recognize the truth — they just make your back look fat!

4) A tick bite.

Yes, that’s right. A TICK BITE. This one deserves a story.

Since there was no running water, Aussie and I had to give ourselves “bird baths” outside out of a bowl. My bath our first night was impromptu (I usually shower in the morning), thinking it might be sexy to join in. Um, not quite.

After my birdbath, I went to use the BioLet, and looked down and saw a bug on my arm. I hate bugs, so I tried to get it off. Imagine my horror when it WOULDN’T MOVE. Imagine my even greater horror when I realized what kind of bug it was that wouldn’t brush off!


Poor Aussie. He ran all over trying to find my tweezers (lucky thing I’m vain enough to take my makeup camping, eh?) and a match… and then he had to perform surgery on his screaming girlfriend, who, incidentally, was still sitting on the composting toilet (I was too scared to move, see?). Neither of us knew you are supposed to blow out the match BEFORE heating up the tick, but I didn’t care much — slightly burned skin was a small price to pay for a dead tick! He then pulled it out with tweezers… and insisted on keeping and photographing it. No, I won’t post a photo here. Ew.

So traumatizing, so gross, so hope it never happens again. (And yes, I am definitely monitoring myself for signs of Lyme disease. So far, so good).

Please — tell me about your weekend! Hopefully you stayed clear of blood-sucking bugs!


One thought on “Souvenirs

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