Putting on my fancy pants

Occasionally (and increasingly, I should add), I like to get fancy-pants with my food. I don’t want my food to just taste good… I want it to be at least a little fancy.

So, sometimes I make things that are fancy in their creative flavor combinations…

Adapted Grilled Scallop Cerviche from Everybody Likes Sandwiches

Of course, sometimes I don’t always read the entire recipe ahead of time, so I don’t realize that, say, a dish is meant to be served cold… and that eating a half-hot, half-cold meal is actually kind of gross.

Sometimes, I make things that are fancy in their terribly intimidating looks…

15-Minute Mussels from Tasty Kitchen Blog, served over whole-wheat linguine

Of course, sometimes I learn that the most intimidating thing to look at can be the most ridiculously easy thing to cook (except for the part where you have to first overcome the mental block of finding out that the food is STILL ALIVE and then the resulting murderous guilt when you accidentally crush said living thing in your bare hands).

Sometimes, I make things that are fancy through someone else’s camera lens (and thankfully, just as fancy through mine!)…

Adapted Blackberries with Sweet Cream from Pioneer Woman

Of course, sometimes I realize that while others can in all good conscience eat a cup of heavy whipping cream, I can’t, so I have to spend a half hour in Whole Foods stealing WiFi and trying to find a substitute. Turns out evaporated cream works just fine for this lovely and ridiculously tasty dessert… and is healthier by a significant margin (although still not healthy by any means)!

Ah, cooking. I am getting more and more enamored with you. You give me an outlet for my fancy-pants side, and, well, that’s just fun (and usually tasty, too!).


6 thoughts on “Putting on my fancy pants

  1. Matt says:

    And what a tasty outlet it is!

  2. Annemieke Cowles says:

    Never have commented but love your blog!!!
    You appear to have a love of writing. Amanda is an excellent writer.

    The berries and cream looks like a Cre`me Anglaise I learned to make in the rest business years ago YUM!!!!

    • Jenni says:

      Thanks, Mieke! I’m glad to hear Amanda is a good writer — that’s a skill that will take her far!

      The cream basically IS creme anglaise, I think — just with a specific kind of milk!

  3. Amelia says:

    Wow!! Can we have a girl’s night here in Madison catered by you?!? Those dishes look fantastic! You are putting me to shame.

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