Recipe: Mood-changing chicken

Aussie deserves a medal.

Yesterday I was in a bitch of a mood. It was terrible. It wasn’t helped by the student who stopped by my office wanting to audition for choir three weeks into the quarter…and didn’t bother to take off her flipping sunglasses for the entirety of the conversation.

STUDENTS!!! They make me crazy sometimes.

Knowing the state I was in, Aussie offered to make dinner. He thought maybe this would help cheer me up a bit. I pretended it would, but my brain was saying something to the effect of “Oh, so you think that you’ll make me happy just by making dinner? Why would YOU making dinner make me happy when ME making dinner is just something you get every day? Huh? HUH?!?”

Like I said, I was in a really bad mood. (Sorry, Aussie!)

After work, I slumped home and tried to act in a better mood than I was. I noticed Aussie was trying not to rub me the wrong way, and I just sat there. I halfheartedly made some Brussels sprouts to go with dinner. Aussie pulled the chicken out of the oven, plated it, we sat down to eat…

And holy cow! The chicken that Aussie roasted was so good! SO good! It was moist and flavorful with crispy, herby skin. Oh goodness.

Just like that… I was a changed woman. I smiled and chatted as I started cutting my chicken. I joked and laughed as I abandoned the fork and just dove in with my hands. I downright glowed when I sucked every last delicious morsel of chicken off the bones.

Aussie just sat and watched. He likes watching me eat sometimes. This is part of reason we get along so well.

It was so good that, while I’d like to keep it a secret, I can’t in good conscience keep this recipe to myself. I found it on Pioneer Woman (courtesy of a guest named Pastor Ryan), and Aussie made it a reality. Here it is:

Herb Roasted Whole Chicken (our chicken was about 3 lbs, I think. I suppose you’d need to adjust cooking time for a bigger bird).

Holy freaking yum.

And not to brag, but do you know what makes this story (and my Aussie) that much better?

This morning, I was racing out of the door for a presentation, so Aussie put my lunch together for me. He was concerned that my leftover chicken wouldn’t fare well outside of a refrigerator, so he packed it up with bags of frozen edamame. When I finally got to work, I opened up my bag to find this:

He is so darn cute!


2 thoughts on “Recipe: Mood-changing chicken

  1. Soo says:

    I will take if Matt has a twin! He’s so sweet and I am jealous! hehe.
    The chicken looks so good, I might try the recipe before the spring break is over.

    • Jenni says:

      Sorry, no twin. He is sweet — although I found out he only used that cute heart ribbon because it was there, not because it was cute!

      The chicken is good. Easy and TASTY!!! I want more! 🙂

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