The way to a man’s heart…

My Grandma is your typical Italian grandma in one main respect. Yeah, she likes cooking, but what she really loves is FEEDING.

She loves seeing people eat. She loves making food for forty when only four are eating, she loves taking people out to dinner, she loves heaping giant plates of food, she loves urging you to take just one more bite…and of course, she loves it best when she has a man to feed.

Antiquated, right? Pre-women’s lib and all that jazz. But here’s the kicker…

I’m kind of like that too! When the heck did THAT happen??

See, I love feeding my Aussie. I love feeding him something that tastes good and is good for him. I even love feeding him things that are terrible for him. If I get to provide it, and he enjoys it, I’m a happy girl.

And I’m not going to lie — last weekend, I totally excelled. I fed that man, and I fed him right!

On Saturday, I took Matt to The Counter because I had a LivingSocial deal for $10 for $25 worth of food. Sweet. I snapped up this deal for two reasons:

1) You can get fried egg, pineapple, and steak sauce on your burger, which makes it the closest thing you can get here to the burgers my Aussie misses from home. (All it needs, apparently, is beet root. Ew.)

2) It’s on Oprah’s list of ten burgers you have to eat before you die. As it should be.

This is a terrible picture, but I think you can still see how delicious it looks. You get a little checklist with every ingredient you could possibly think of — local, sustainable, yadayada to boot — and they make it so tall and towering and delicious you want to swoon.

Let’s just saw I’ve never seen Aussie make bedroom eyes at me over a burger before, but it happened at that meal. I may never see him so happy again! I was thrilled!

I knew I couldn’t top that, but I decided to try on Sunday. I found a recipe for Sausage Rolls on Design*Sponge. Aussie loves this Down-Under artery-clogger: they’re greasy, meaty, and devoid of veggies — in short, a perfect Aussie meal! So, I made them.

And oo, yum! I’ve never met a sausage roll I liked until these, and now I just might be a convert… especially because they made for a very, very happy Aussie!

So, what next? Today I was lucky enough to stumble upon a food blog of an Aussie expat called O Pistachio, so next up are Lamington Cupcakes (you may recall that Aussie has made ones from mix in the past). Then, I think I’ll make some Mini-Meat Pies. And for ANZAC Day, of course, I’ll make ANZAC biscuits.



And yum!

Even better than yum? I get to feed them all to my Aussie… which, well, makes me happy!…

And makes him LUCKY!


3 thoughts on “The way to a man’s heart…

  1. Jen says:

    Ooooh. now I”m hungry!

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