In lieu of a vacation…I knit.

I need an escape. Seriously. This year is driving me batty so far, and I have to keep reminding myself to take deep yoga breaths.

In the absence of being able to take a vacation to someplace warm where I can be pampered, fed, kneaded, and protected from incessant and often arrogant questions, I am immersing myself in knitting.

And because that’s what a blog is for, I’m going to share.

Remember this glorious yarn?

Well, now it looks like this!

Aren’t they cute? I love this pattern — Sunday Swing Socks; all the swirls and whirls just make me happy. And they look like a Seattle sky in February (the way it’s supposed to look, not this weird blue stuff we’ve been having). And they fit perfectly. And they are comfy. These will be lived in, I can tell ya.

Next up? More socks. My Aussie started requesting some when I was knitting the first pair, then started begging as I knit this pair… so I’m giving in. I picked him out some nice, manly yarn, too (although that brown tends to look more purplish in certain lights)…

Can’t wait to get started!


2 thoughts on “In lieu of a vacation…I knit.

  1. Jen says:

    Oooh! Very nice!

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