Rediscovered Love

I’ll never forget my first choir concert in college. No, I don’t remember what we sang, or how we did, or anything like that. What I remember was this: in our down time, everyone knitted.

I thought knitting was only for old ladies, but obviously, I was mistaken. All my young, hip, collegiate peers were expertly wrangling with yarn and sticks, and I felt terribly left out. That winter break, I taught myself how to knit online (resulting in a non-classifiable technique that, fortunately, still results in something that looks like knitting!), and I fell in love.

I knitted scarves — tons of them. I graduated to hats. I used beads, made lace, taught myself to knit socks from a pattern. I experimented with felting, both in the washing machine and in my bathtub. I went on a LYS (local yarn store) solo tour around Western Washington and dyed my own yarn with food coloring. I knitted a purse, a camisole, fingerless gloves, a sweater, and mancala board…

and I burnt out. My love affair with knitting lasted over six years and followed me from college, to the midwest, and back to Seattle. Then, after a completely over-the-top handmade Christmas, I quit cold-turkey. I could hardly bear the thought of looking at yarn or needles. I was done.

And then, just before Christmas, Mary happened. My good friend Mary, who is crafty and domestic, asked me to help her with her knitting. A few weeks later, I was hooked again.ย It’s all Mary’s fault!

So, anyway, let me share with you the fruits of my rebirth… they’re awfully pretty!

First up, knitted in Cascade Yarn’s Baby Alpaca Chunky (sigh of loveliness!), Silver’s Palindrome Scarf.

(Reversible cables… brilliant!)

(So luscious!)

I LOVE this pattern. It’s simple and soothing, with gentle ribbing and occasional cables to pique your interest, and it results in an amazingly thick, warm scarf. Perfect for keeping your hands busy while you watch TV or gossip with your best girl friends. Gorgeous. Consider me re-hooked!

Next up, I knitted a pair of Fiber Trend’s Railroad Rib Socks because I fell in love with some beautiful self-striping Lana Grossa Soja sock yarn.

(Isn’t the colorway beautiful?)

Unfortunately, they are a fair bit too big. I knit this same pattern a couple years back and didn’t realize just how much the circumference of your feet can change when you lose weight. Oops. So, they will be my at-home slipper-socks… comfy comfy.

Now, I’m working on another pair of socks. (I kind of love knitting them). I will share the finished product with you when I’m done, but for now, here’s the yarn as a teaser…

Love it!


7 thoughts on “Rediscovered Love

  1. Jen says:

    Very nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mary says:

    I take full credit, I mean blame. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Jenny says:

    Nice knitting, j cole! Are you on Ravelry? It turned me from a casual knitter to 100% full on obsessed.

  4. […] up? More socks. My Aussie started requesting some when I was knitting the first pair, then started begging as I knit this pair… so I’m giving in. I picked him out some […]

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