You’ll be jealous, but you’ll still feel compelled to read this.

After hitting rock bottom earlier this week, I decided I needed to take action to stop my rapid decline into utter bitchiness.

I declared Wednesday a personal day.

Now, I have never taken a personal day before. I’ve taken sick days, vacation days, etc, but I’ve never emailed my boss and said (in essence), “I can’t take another five minutes in this hellhole. Don’t expect me in tomorrow.” How empowering! What freedom! What to do?!?

Like many sane people, there’s nothing I love more than a good pampering. Luckily, Aussie knows this too. When he heard I was taking a personal day, he decided to send me to the spa. And not just any spa — the most blissful, wonderful, soothing spa I know: Habitude.

This place in heaven. Aveda products in the showers, oversized robes, a fragrant sauna, nuts and dried cranberries in their lounge areas… ah! I love love love love it. And I love love love loved the facial I got there. I looked like this:

Except, um, less tan. And maybe a bit more “padded.” But I digress.

After the wonderful, soul-reviving facial, I had a scalp treatment. Is there anything more beautiful than someone brushing your hair? I think not.

You might think the wonderfulness ended there, but it didn’t. Back at home, I took a nap, and was disturbed when my 2-for-1 amazing order of chocolate VitaTops arrived!

Oh holy yum. 40 individually wrapped chocolately bites of goodness, all clocking in at just 1 POINT. Bliss.

Again, you might think it stopped there, but no! After that, I scurried across town for a massage. True, it was a therapeutic massage to treat computer-induced back pain, and it hurt like a mofo, but ultimately left me feeling like this:

And once again, it didn’t stop there. I then went to a (belated) baby shower, where I got to not only hold an adorable little baby, but rock — or more accurately, lunge — him to sleep! It would be lying to say my uterus didn’t give a few ticks when he closed his tiny little eyes! Awww!

Personal Day of Awesomeness, obviously, but did it leave a mark?

Well, yes. True, I didn’t want to get out of bed and go to work just as badly as the day before, and work was just as busy and annoying as before — but I didn’t react. I didn’t get mad, I didn’t get crazy… I just dealt. What a difference!

So, friends, don’t let it get to the point where you curse at the sun. Take your personal day. Do your thang. Every crap day has to be balanced out by a day that doesn’t suck so much (and vice versa, I suppose), so you might as well take matters into your own hands… and hope you have an Aussie who likes to see you get spoiled!!


4 thoughts on “You’ll be jealous, but you’ll still feel compelled to read this.

  1. Mary says:

    Truly. I am jealous.

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