Is it dusk already?

In the hubbub of Christmas preparations and the excitement of just-over-one more day of work before a week and a half of freedom, I nearly forgot about a very important “holiday:” the Winter Solstice.

Maybe you folks in sunny warm places wouldn’t notice such an unremarkable occurrence as the shortest day (or longest night) of the year, but here in grey Seattle, I feel it acutely. This time of year, I wake up in the dark, exist in semi-darkness (the rain clouds make sure of that!), and then watch the darker dark stealing in until it’s time to go home in the dark. It gets depressing. Really, really depressing.

It may not be immediately obvious,but, because of this, I love the Winter Solstice. It may be the “first day of winter” (yeah, right), but it’s also the worst it can get, darkness-wise. It may only be light for 8 hours and 25 minutes, but tomorrow it will be light for 8 hours and 26 minutes. Our downward spiral into night now turns into a devastatingly slow uphill climb to light… but a climb uphill nonetheless. I feel that the Winter Solstice, however dismal and dark it may be, is full of hope and promise. Yeah, it might get colder than this, but it will get lighter, and that makes all the difference!

So, tonight, when it feels like 10pm but it’s really only 5:30, cuddle up with your sweetheart and a cup of warm yumminess, and celebrate in the fact that it can’t get any worse than this… until next year, of course!


2 thoughts on “Is it dusk already?

  1. Derek Reid says:

    As long as we’ve already had how cold it can get coldness-wise I’m willing to look on the bright side for now. 😀

  2. aurumgirl says:

    Lighter by small degrees, every day. Enjoy the season!

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