Where’s my Christmas spirit?

I love Christmas. I mean, I LOVE Christmas. The twinkle lights, the scent of pine, the lists, the unrestrained shopping for gifties, the sounds of beloved crooners singing cheesy songs, the time spent with family, the hope for snow, all of it. I usually start planning in October, put up my tree the day after Thanksgiving, and listen to Christmas music throughout the entirety of December. Until I was about 15, I used to wear a Santa hat every day. Seriously.

But this year, I just haven’t gotten in the mood yet. Why oh why?!? It’s torture! I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t “started” yet, so this past weekend I went shopping for presents for my family, bought Christmas cards, put up a Christmas tree, and started listening to Christmas music… but it still eludes me.

(Last year’s tree…but it looks a lot like this year’s tree!)

So where is my Christmas spirit this year? Will it swoop down and scoop me up on Friday, after all of my concerts and stresses that always accompany the end of the quarter are over? Will it settle over me like a mantle when my parents arrive Thursday for a two-week stint at my place, which will include family shopping and cookie-baking and other wonderful Christmas happinesses? Will it surround me once I’ve wrapped the presents and put them under the tree? Will it warm my soul once I make a handmade gift? Pretty please? Or will be I be doomed to bah-humbugness rubbed off from my Aussie, who may be a teeny bit of a scrooge?!? Oh Father Christmas, spare me that!!!

We shall see. All I know is now, I’m stressed. I want to be a stay-at-home woman who can peruse Martha Stewart magazines for the perfect craft to make her friends, who can make sure the house is clean and scented like pine tree and cinnamon, who can cook up all sorts of warm and comforting meals with freshly baked cookies for dessert, who has time to make her list and check it fifty times and go on grand shopping excursions where she can get a peep of Santa.

Starting Friday, perhaps? Please, Santa… all I want for Christmas is the holiday spirit!


4 thoughts on “Where’s my Christmas spirit?

  1. Ann says:

    Okay, I’ll reveal myself as a total dork and say that this whole entry got that song from the Jim Carey How The Grinch Stole Christmas into my head. You know that one? Here are some sample lyrics…

    Where are you Christmas
    Why can’t I find you
    Why have you gone away
    Where is the laughter
    You used to bring me
    Why can’t I hear music play

    My world is changing
    I’m rearranging
    Does that mean Christmas changes too

    Now I’m gonna have that song in my head all day! I hope you find your Christmas Spirit though…

  2. Mary says:

    Come down to my place and help me decorate the house–or at least convince Phil that we should get a tree. Maybe time with friends will help get you in the mood. 🙂

    • Jenni says:

      It just might! Maybe we should hang out sometime next week. Just because E*Beth’s out of town doesn’t mean we can’t still do girl’s night!

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