Fridge Puppy

Maybe if I had one of these I wouldn’t have such a hard time with maintaining my weight:

I’d open the fridge door and go “OHHHH!  PUPPYYYYYY!!!!” and hold it and love it forever. Problem solved.

To do for the weekend: Buy puppy. Put in fridge. Live happily ever after.

Honestly, I’m getting frustrated. Not that I wasn’t frustrated before, but whatever. I’ve done a pretty damn good job adhering to plan for the last two weeks, AND I’ve been doing yoga three times a week for the last month. I even weighed myself the night before Weigh In, so I knew what to expect. Too bad I inexplicably gained three pounds in 24 hours.

I know the answer is to keep pressing on and the results will follow. Heck, I’ve done this before, quite successfully! But last night I decided last night that the answer was instead to rebel.

So I bought a cookie. A big, delicious, chocolate cookie. “Chocolate Decadence,” to be exact. I was sooooo excited to eat it. I poured myself a glass of milk, put my mouth-watering cookie on a plate, and broke it open… only to find they had squirted raspberry jam inside.

GAH! The universe hates me. Bastardizing perfectly good chocolate with jam is criminal. Brokenhearted, I gave the cookie to my Aussie and got my kicks elsewhere, but you know what?

None of this would have happened if I had a fridge puppy!!!



One thought on “Fridge Puppy

  1. Mary says:

    But he’d be so cold in there!

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