Things I Just Might Want

I’m in a mood — not good or bad, just “a mood” — so I thought I just might share cute things. No theme, just super cute things I’ve bookmarked to post about but keep forgetting!


From Pure Style Home, a kitchen renovation that features a chalkboard-painted refrigerator! How genius is that?!? Reminders, important dates, little love notes — easy peasy. So much more attractive than your usual cluttered fridge, and so much cheaper than a beautiful stainless-steel one. I love seeing how people work with what they’ve got!


A seriously pretty wall-calendar from SusyJack, $34. I think this would go just beautifully in my office, even though we all know wall calendars like this are completely useless!


Raining Men Umbrella from, 44 CAD. It says “When does it start raining men?” on the inside. I don’t need to explain why this is awesome.


“What to Eat” pad from Knock Knock, $7.50. My friends Mary and Phil have this, and I just love it. How useful! How clever! Honestly, pretty much everything is awesome at Knock Knock (I have the Things You Do That Really Piss Me Off pad — a gift from a coworker — that cracks me up), so you should check it out.


I saw this at Me Oh My Oh, who in turn saw it on Curbly. Such an awesome kinky idea artfully executed. I’m not even going to pretend this isn’t delightfully raunchy… and yet it’s so, well, pretty! Clever indeed.

That’s it, all. Back to the swiftly fleeting hours of your Friday work-day!


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