In which I gush over a calendar

I may as well confess it — I absolutely love office supplies. When I was a kid, I always got more jazzed buying pencils and binders than new jeans and shoes. Maybe it’s because office supplies never fail you… they don’t care how much weight you’ve gained over the summer, they don’t ever need to be hemmed because you’ve got short legs, and they never, ever pinch your feet. Now that I’m an adult with a job and my office supplies are provided, my supply-buying is limited to just two essentials: pens (Precise V5 Rolling Ball, Extra Fine in Blue — no other pen satisfies!), and the ever-elusive perfect planner.

The other day I made the mistake of walking into the university bookstore to pick up my annual rebate card, and of course, just HAD to walk by the 2010 calendars. Not wall calendars, but the handy-dandy teeny-weeny ones you put in your purse and take wherever you go. Of course, their selection sucked, but the bug took hold, and I’ve found myself searching for the perfect personal planner for 2010…

…and holy crap, I already found it!!!  I searched online at all the places with the cute office supplies, but they didn’t have squat. Today, though, while at Barnes & Noble getting my latest book-club’s pick, I found it.



This photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s so so so cute. When I hold it with my eyes closed, I get a feeling of calmness and serenity from it (crap — I’ve been doing too much yoga!!). It has perfect weekly view pages with no tiny cramped lines to write on, just beautiful expanses of creamy white, with a small, unobtrusive tan boxed-in two-month glance at the bottom. The week begins on a Monday so you can see your whole weekend at once. The inside covers are soft robin’s egg blue, which is just lovely. It opens flat. It doesn’t have any of the ridiculous references no one uses, like time zones and area codes and unit conversions…just a 2010-2011 at-a-glance place, and a few pages for addresses and notes. It’s small enough to fit in my purse. And did I mention the ribbon bookmark?!?

Sigh. I am so very pleased!

Now, I am eagerly anticipating the moment when I deem my handwriting attractive enough to start filling in my engagements, since (bonus!), as a 16-month calendar, it can already be used!

Today is like Christmas, folks. Merry Christmas to me!


5 thoughts on “In which I gush over a calendar

  1. Mary says:

    Sometimes it’s like we’re the same person. I could have written the first half of this post!

  2. Amy says:

    I hope I’m not bursting any bubbles here and am completely mistaken… but it says 2009 on the cover, right?… did you buy the right year?

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