The Ultimate Pet Accessory

You really must be kidding me. Etsy, you’ve done it again.  First the sausage light switch cover, and now this.

Yes, that is jewelry for a dog’s anus. You know, to boost their confidence by covering unsightly anatomical features. “No More Mr. Brown Eye?” Honey, you should not be allowed to own pets.

For more disturbing hilarity, check out her website, Yes, Rear Gear. Pay special attention to the “About” section. Oh my, oh my.


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Pet Accessory

  1. Mary says:

    Tell me that’s a joke. Please.

  2. […] I did a post on the “Ultimate Pet Accessory” – which was nothing more than dog anus jewelry. I am bemused to report that nearly 186 Etsy-loving dog owners no longer have to tolerate […]

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