My First Month of Yoga… seriously?

I may be the teeniest bit of a black sheep in my family. I’m a bit more urban, a bit more bookish, and a whole lot less… well, health-conscious. They would love hiking up a mountain, while I, honestly, would rather lay by a fire reading a book. They detox by eating nothing but fruits and veggies, while I just might give up and die if I couldn’t get my hands on some red meat every day or two. They do this strange contortionist thing called “yoga,” while I prefer my exercise to have the same pace as my thoughts — which are anything but zen!

In an effort to whiten my wool just a bit, I’m going to give this yoga thing a go. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not a COMPLETE novice. I mean, you don’t have the YoYos as parents without having just enough yoga knowledge to get by. I know my downdogs, my warriors, my whatever-you-call-that-thing-at-the-end — you know, the part where you lie down and fall asleep?  Ahhh..

Anyway, I digress. While I’ve learned a bit of yoga through osmosis, I’ve never really DONE it, never given it a chance to become a part of my life and change me. The fam assures me that it’s addictive, that anyone can become “zen,” yada-yada, but I’m skeptical….

I’m also game!

So… here goes my big adventure. I’m committing to one month, one mat, one pair of butt-huggin’ yoga pants… and, of course, a written record of my escapades at  And who knows? Maybe this black sheep will end up fitting in after all — or at least finding solace in shades of grey!

(This is my inaugural post for a feature I’m writing for my parents’ blog,, about my first month of yoga. I won’t cross post here, so I hope you will bookmark that page and follow me there!)


One thought on “My First Month of Yoga… seriously?

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