My poor car

My poor car is dying. I’ve been saying that for at least two years now, but since it is suddenly putting up a fit every time I try to start it (not to mention refusing to back up or heat its interior), I’m afraid I really hear the beginnings of a death rattle this time. I am more than a little bummed about this. You would be too, if you had one of these!


See? A 1991 Toyota Supra in Fire Engine Red is a fine-looking thing!

So, ok — mine doesn’t really look that good. Or anywhere near, for that matter. Fade it a bit, pop off the hubcabs, throw in a bunch of broken/breaking components… you get the picture. But when my grandma bought it back in 1990 off the showroom floor, it was a showstopper. When I got it for a birthday present back in 2004, it was still a showstopper. Unfortunately, its age has caught up with it, as have 20 years without the benefit of a garage, and its showstopping days are quite clearly behind it.

So what to do now? Sure, I could replace it with any old car, but after having been completely spoiled with a 1981 BMW 320i in high school and then my beloved but now-dying Supra, I don’t just want a CAR. I want a driving experience… preferably one that is fast and red, please!

So, ideally, I’d get myself on of these sexy thangs:


I LOVE the BMW Z4. Soft-top, hard-top… who cares? Just stick me in one of these babies with the radio blaring and the wind in my hair, and I will be a VERY happy camper! You say that a convertible is a dumb choice in the grey-ist, drizzly-ist city in the world (or so we Seattleites like to believe)? Clearly, you have no appreciation for life. I’ll have to give you a ride in my imaginary Z4 to change your tune!

Alas, I can not afford a Z4, even an older model. But you know what? Its precursor, the BMW Z3, which just so happens to have been the dream car of my teenaged years, would also suit me just fine!


And there’s more than a few of these for sale on Craigslist in my *fingers crossed* price range — provided I can find a red one with decent mileage.

Other options? Well, I’ve toyed with the idea of an Audi TT — but of course, I’d want the roadster, because I suspect the coupe would feel too cave-like for me.


Cute, no? These are surprisingly inexpensive, which leads me to believe there might be something wrong with them. Plus, Aussie has assured me that, once you get used to a RWD, no FWD Audi will ever measure up, but, well, it’s an option — but I’d hate to make my TT-loving father super jealous!

So what about eco-friendly cars? I know that’s the thing to do these days… but they are so un-fun! Big, bulky, toy-like… seriously! The Prius is out. It’s too damn big, too expensive, and Aussie would pretty much dump my butt for buying something that is less ecologically friendly than a diesel but gets way more kudos. I like the new Honda Insight better, but its far too expensive to buy new and far too new to buy used. There might be a compromise here, though…


It’s so cute!!! Plus, the smart car has great gas mileage, can squeeze into teeny-tiny parking spots in a single bound, is pretty darn inexpensive… hmm! Only drawback is the long waitlist, and, oh yes… this. So, then again, maybe not.

Anyway, you know how it goes. Searching, saving, stressing — ah, the joys of replacing a car!

So, any recommendations? I want a small car that is a) not made by an American company, b) has decent gas mileage, c) snappy and fun to drive , and d) is reasonably priced either used or new. Oh yes — and it must come in red! And if any of you recommends something like this… well, we just can’t be friends anymore because your taste sucks too much. There, I said it. 😉



7 thoughts on “My poor car

  1. Matt says:

    It is indeed a sad situation when you need to part with a much beloved car. Though the mourning is short (shallow I know), and almost non-existent the moment you drive ones new steed that you wonder “what the hell was I waiting for, why the f*ck didn’t I do this sooner!”, but the soft spot will always be there.

    So together we shall hunt high and low for a new ride for you, but unlike James May’s comments on “you should never own your childhood dream car” (referring to a Lamborghini Countach), I don’t think there can be much going wrong by seeking out a nice Z3…who knows maybe Santa will pony up and make a Z4 a possibility!

    • Jenni says:

      See? You understand — but then again, I knew you would. 🙂

      I think James just set his sights too high! If he wanted a Camry or something, he’d be sooooooo happy right now! 😉 You should never own something as expensive as a Lamborghini unless it’s a house, IM not-so-humble O!

      And I wish Santa was real — but I found out he wasn’t when I was like 7 and he gave me a Hello Kitty suitcase I saw my mom buy. Sad day…

      Looking forward to car hunting with you, baby! It will make me feel better to have someone there who actually knows what they are doing. Now, if only I can wrap your head around my definition of “reasonably priced…” 😉

    • howard cowles says:

      If you are planning on staying in the Seattle area and having the car outside, I would stay away from convertables, they are great when the weather is fine, but cold when it is cold outside, cloth does not keep you warm. the cloth tops also wear out a lot faster than metal.
      FWD or RWD does not matter that much unless you drive at 9/10 the limit and if you do that you should be in a AWD car, many Audi’s are Quattro, mine has kept me on the road a number of times when I hit a slick patch in a turn. Subaru WRX are world class offroad racers that are street legal in slightly de-tuned version. even Acura and Honda have some AWD cars to pick from.
      if price is sensitive then look into the certified used car market, close to new but not as expensive, most depreciation happens when you drive a new car off the lot

      • Jenni says:

        Good point about the convertible, but wouldn’t life be so much more fun with the top down? 😉

        Thanks for the input!

  2. Mike says:

    Have you thought about the Mazda Miata?
    Great cars, good reliability, fun to drive (so I’ve heard), and reasonably priced for a sports car.

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