Why not?

On Friday night, Aussie and I spontaneously went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant called “Perche No” — “why not?” in Italian. It used to be located near my apartment, and I was so bummed when it disappeared because I had always wanted to try it. Luckily, we found out that it reopened in a bigger, better space — near Aussie’s apartment!  So, we tried it out… why not?

People, I’ve found one of my new favorite restaurants. The food was delicious, but that wasn’t what made it so special. The atmosphere, while both homey and quaint, also didn’t make it stick out. Rather, it was the feeling that I was an eagerly anticipated guest being greeted with open arms.

Perche No is run by a Chinese family, the Kongs, who love Italy and Italian cuisine. When Aussie and I arrived, we were seated by one of the sons, and Lily Kong stopped by our table halfway through our meal to welcome us and introduce herself. The couple across the way from us were regulars, and David Kong, the head chef, brought the special dishes for them — rattlesnake risotto and…get this…yak’s penis! I kid you not.  After dinner, Lily showed us around the restaurant and invited us back for special events. David told us to come back and he’d feed us something special.

How wonderful was that? A desire for some tasty comfort food led to the discovery of a family-run gem that will have me going back for some of David’s adventuresome fair…although I may have to pass on the penis!


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