Recipes: Best Chili Ever and a Yummy Pear Crisp for Dessert

Last night I was surprised with cancelled dinner plans with some of Aussie’s friends, so I decided to use that gift of free time to make a truly yummy dinner for my man and me. Both of these go-to recipes are totally fool-proof (trust me, because I AM the fool!) and were perfectly comforting and flavorful for this gorgeous fall weather we’re having!  Add in the fact that they are both recipes from Weight Watchers (or at least inspired by one), and you’ve got a truly good meal.

Here’s what I had going on for dinner last night (add Brandi Carlile’s new album for the full experience)…


And here’s the recipe!

“Jenni’s” Chili (inspired by WW Quick Beef and Pinto Bean Chili)

Quotes because it’s not exactly mine. I just took a Weight Watcher’s recipe and added to it… and it’s GOOD!

2+/- garlic gloves, minced (depends on your mood!)

large onion, chopped into big pieces

bag of frozen pepper strips

one large zucchini, cut into half circles (know what I mean?)

a whole lotta mushrooms (I usually just buy a pack and slice)

1 lb ground beef (lean as possible! Ground turkey also works just fine)

one can fire roasted tomatoes, crushed/diced/whatever you can find

one can tomatoes with green chilies, crushed/diced/whatever you can find

one can tomato paste, mixed with water to a pasta sauce-like consistency (pasta sauce also works well, but tomato paste is cheaper)

one can pinto beans, rinsed and drained

salt, pepper, oregano, and chili powder to taste (I like it spicy!)

(NOTE: Chili powder comes in different levels of spicy! If you’re using a medium-heat, go with 2tsp or more. If you’re using, say, hot chili powder you bought in Australia, go easy. It’s easy to add more, not so easy to subtract!)

Spray a very large saute pan with non-stick spray and put on medium-high heat. Toss in onions, garlic, and zucchini — cook until everything is all delicious-looking (yes, I’m very scientific). Add bag of bell peppers — cook until water is evaporated, or cook and then cheat by pouring off the water. Push veggies to side of pan, add meat, and pile the mushrooms on top of the veggies to start them cooking. Brown meat and break up into little chunks. Once cooked most of the way (still a little pink), mix it all together, and if you want, pour off extra grease.  Add canned things and spices, stir, let cook for 30 minutes or more.  When it’s all hot and tasty, serve!

Makes 5 generous servings, which I estimate to be 5-6 POINTS, depending on the fattiness of the meat (5 for 95% lean, 6 for 90%). Makes really delicious leftovers.

Now, on to dessert….


Weight Watcher’s Pear Crisp

Sadly, this recipe isn’t available online, so I don’t feel right copying it from my cookbook, but here’s the gist (if you really want the recipe, let me know and I’ll lend you my cookbook):

Make a topping with diced butter, oats, flour, sugar, cinnamon, and ground ginger. Add a titch of water and squeeze with fingertips to form little clumps.

Make the filling by combining thinly sliced pears, a little flour, sugar, some more cinnamon and ground ginger, and some vanilla extract.

Layer, bake, top with ice cream, eat, and be happy!  And be extra happy the next morning when you add milk and nuke — YUMMY OATMEALY CINNAMONY PEARY GOODNESS!

Tummy rubbin’ man after a delicious meal –> Happy Jenni 🙂


4 thoughts on “Recipes: Best Chili Ever and a Yummy Pear Crisp for Dessert

  1. Matt says:

    😉 The yo-yo-yogi in you is coming out 😛

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