Super Cute Things to Make Work a Little More Bearable

I just spent a huge ol’ buttload of time making this super-cute mosaic of lust-worthy office supplies to decorate my beautiful new turquoise office, but alas! (seriously, ALAS!) it didn’t work. So here’s a boring-old list instead!


Write-On Mug, $16. The item that inspired this post. I think this is maybe the best idea ever!

Magnetic Birdie

Magnetic Birdie, $16. If I didn’t have a handcrafted bowl I bought for 50 cents at the Ethnoid garage sale for my staples, this little dude would be mine.


Ceramic Memo Board, $15. Seriously, I go through post-its like they are going out of style. How much more eco-friendly is this?


Egg Sprouts, $12.95. Too cute! An alternative and creative way to add a splash of life to a life-sucking space.


Dog Bone Paper Clips, $5.99. SOOOOOO CUUUUUUTE!


Cuckoo Clock, $28. Because a real cuckoo clock would be too annoying.


Clementine Push Pins, $5. I can’t get over how cheap these are!


Lovebirds Glass Paperweight,  $9. I absolutely love this. And now that I have a window (and therefore a breeze), maybe I’ll actually NEED a paperweight!


Vintage Brass Swan, $21. I don’t know why I like this so much, but I do.


And because I need a plant that I can’t kill, a Pachyveria Succulent in a Cappuccino Cup, $16.95!


2 thoughts on “Super Cute Things to Make Work a Little More Bearable

  1. Jen says:

    Yeah, and in the new office, you actually have a window for plants!

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