Lamington Love

Last night, my Aussie did something cute (he does that every once in awhile). He baked lamingtons, an Australian dessert involving sponge cake and chocolate icing and coconut (oh my!)… while I was playing video games.  Role reversal, anyone?


What a dessert!  Lamington with an iced coffee with a generous splash of Bailey’s.  YUM!

And guess what?  He even packed one in my lunch for me!

Lamington to go



5 thoughts on “Lamington Love

  1. Jen says:

    Oooh, nice! And which video game? 🙂

  2. […] didn’t think too much about it, but about an hour later, as I reached for my last remaining lamington, I realized what an incredible Aussie poser I must have looked like to her!  Looking around my […]

  3. […] blog of an Aussie expat called O Pistachio, so next up are Lamington Cupcakes (you may recall that Aussie has made ones from mix in the past). Then, I think I’ll make some Mini-Meat Pies. And for ANZAC Day, of course, […]

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