Doin’ It at a Trot

County fairs have the amazing ability to bring out the outstanding, kitschy, and truly bizarre nature of humans.  Where else can you see people raptly watching knife demonstrations, a cow peeing mere inches from a person’s face without eliciting a reaction, and a plastic slut with ass LITERALLY peeping out from beneath her mini denim skirt eating burgers with her family?  I can answer that for you. Nowhere!

Aussie and I went to the Puyallup Fair this past weekend.  There’s nothing to say about it except the obvious — it was delightful. Just delightful!  Describing this smorgasbord for the senses is truly out of my range as a writer, so hopefully these photos will do it (some) justice:

Peeing Dog

In the exhibit hall, a booth for a pet stain remover. Yes, that is a statue of a peeing dog.

The Gas We Pass

An illuminating children’s booth. More shocking than finding this is the fact that we didn’t actually read it.  What were we thinking?

Fat burner

A stand-there-and-do-nothing fat burner…or a great way to put your jiggles on display.


I really hope a child made this. An adult should know where NOT to place the stick!

Soft Toy

The winner of the “Soft Toy” craft category. REALLY???

Dog Dancing

The very best thing I saw… Dog Freestyle Dancing, aka dog-follows-the-treat-the-human-is-holding. This routine was to “Mr. Bojangles.” I don’t even wish I was kidding.

Potato Cakes

How the heck did THESE end up here?

Cat Sarcophogus

In the decorate-your-cat’s-cage display by 4-H, a cat sleeping in a coffin sarcophagus.

Keekity kee!

An alpaca that looks like my grandma’s dog.

Love the Fair!

Two bizarre human specimens.

How can you NOT love the fair?!?


3 thoughts on “Doin’ It at a Trot

  1. Sandra says:

    how cute 🙂

  2. Ruth says:

    I love the fair!

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