Bulk is My New BFF

Friends, let me introduce you to my new favorite thing… buying in bulk.

I don’t mean 58 rolls of toilet paper or 12 chickens at once, Costco-style. This is not practical for a woman living alone, even if she does have a man she likes to feed. I mean buying items sold “in bulk” at classy grocery stores of the overpriced imported food variety (you know which ones I mean). Those twist-tied plastic baggies have earned my devotion and love for allowing me freedom to experiment in the kitchen while keeping the economic backlash at a minimum.

For example, the recipe for my Baked Brie called for dried apricots and almonds.  If I bought full bags of these, I would have easily spent 10+ bucks and had gobs extra. Instead, I visited a fancy-pants grocery store and bought small amounts in bulk; I only spent $5. Sweet!

Even better than nuts and dried fruit are bulk spices. Have you ever passed on a recipe because you didn’t feel like spending tons of money just so you could have 1/8 tsp each of cumin and chipotle and one bay leaf ?  Bulk is the answer! I made that french toast at my man’s place, and since he didn’t have cinnamon and I was way too lazy to go back to my place to get some, I visited an even MORE pretentious grocery store and spent nine cents (yes, you can do that!!!) on cinnamon!  Brilliant!

A lesson has been learned in the past couple of weeks: Don’t stay away from the stores with the olive bars and organic makeup. They come in handy.


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