Recipe: Baked (Oz) French Toast

Waking up to the sound of rain is a beautiful thing, no?  Especially so when you’re all curled up with someone you love… Awww!

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before, this cool fall-like weather is making me turn to comfort food.  Recalling the days when Mom used to make delicious, extra-cinnamony french toast on weekend mornings and realizing that I haven’t had some in years,  I decided to give it a go. I used Weight Watcher’s Baked French Toast recipe, with the following substitutions/additions:

*Slices of a scrumptious french bread loaf instead of wheat bread

*2% milk instead of fat-free

*Crushed-by-hand raw sugar crystals instead of powdered sugar

*Extra extra cinnamon and vanilla

After a quick dunk in the egg-mixture, I added a dusting of cinnamon to the bread before baking (we all know that the first slice of french toast gets all the cinnamon!) and skipped the recommended butter pat.  After baking, we topped the toast with a bit of margarine and, in the absence of maple syrup, a simple syrup made out of melted raw sugar with a bit of water.

The result? Australia-shaped french toasts!

Baked French Toast

These turned out delicious! The flavors were subtly sweet, the french bread gave a crunchy texture, and the simple syrup was sweet complement that didn’t mask the flavors of the toast itself.  Definitely a recipe to be repeated (although maybe with more cinnamon — I LOVE cinnamon)!

**Note #1: Make sure the baking pan is greased VERY WELL.  These babies have the tendency to stick, and trying to pry toast of the pan is a bit of a buzz-kill.

**Note #2: Scrambling the remaining egg-mixture is an interesting experiment that results in a custardy creation much like bread pudding without the bread. I vote yuck, but my Aussie liked — so if you like custard, give it a go!


One thought on “Recipe: Baked (Oz) French Toast

  1. […] could have 1/8 tsp each of cumin and chipotle and one bay leaf ?  Bulk is the answer! I made that french toast at my man’s place, and since he didn’t have cinnamon and I was way too lazy to go back […]

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