Kids Today

As a college admissions counselor, I get a unique glimpse into the life-skills of today’s teenagers.  Theoretically, they are on their best behavior when dealing with me. Actually, it’s quite terrifying. The terrible grammar, the cluelessness, the utter self-centeredness, the lack of care, the social ineptness…what is the world coming to?

How can you ever expect someone to take you seriously if you “r riting for info about ur programs?”  Or fail to include even their name in an email? or dont capitalize anything or use punctation oh and also dont actually write in sentences because that might be too much trouble and run on and on and on without every including a period because omg whats that

You get the point.

The issue is doubly bad when you take Generation-whatevers and ask them to write in a foreign language. Then you end up with gems like this:

“Dear someone who is working for me.”

Beware the dangers of internet translation sites!!

Sadly, the problem extends beyond just the emails. Today I received an applicant’s sheet music in the mail for her upcoming audition. This music was to be given to her accompanist to prepare for her audition. This is how it arrived:

Sheet music in envelope

Yup, that’s an envelope smaller than a pen. And when I took the music out of the envelope, this is what I found.

Crunkled Sheet Music

*sigh*  There are no words.

What happened to the days of learning how to write a formal letter in school, of including proper salutations and closings, of writing words out in their entirety instead of substituting text-era abbreviations, of taking pride in how you present yourself?

This makes me feel both nervous and very, very old.


3 thoughts on “Kids Today

  1. Jen says:

    Oh boy. I hope you’re kidding, but I know you’re not. The helicopter parents are the ones I absolutely love. I live north of campus, so they’re out in full force, checking out rentals. I’ve gotten grilled twice if I have men over. (and they really don’t like it when I say it’s none of their business…)

  2. Sandra says:

    I always try my best to present myself professionally while in my personal life/blog do whatever the hell I want. It shouldn’t be that the new generation couldn’t learn to juggle between the two.

    I’ve seen this happening, and it still makes me die a little inside 😦

    • Jenni says:

      Exactly, Sandra. There’s a time and place to use informal slang, text-speak, etc, but when dealing with school or work, it’s just not appropriate!

      It also makes me die a little inside… and makes me want to teach classes to high school students on how to determine what writing style and behavior is appropriate when!

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