In which DZ loses her phone…

I shouldn’t really be surprised that less than an hour after christening myself a “blogger” I do something quite worth blogging about – as long as I am willing to embarrass myself. Consider this your lucky day.

So. Some people lose their phones by leaving them places. Some lose them when the lose their purse. Some unfortunates, like my sister, drop them in toilets. I can no longer judge.

While waiting for my bus, I checked the time on my cell. But, being the walking disaster zone that I am, rather than replace the phone in my purse, I dropped it between my body and the purse itself.

BOUNCE, it went, into the air and then SPLAT — onto the grill covering the sewer!  NOOOOOOOOO EFFFFFINNNNG WAAAAYYYY went my brain as I watched my beloved pink Motorola Razr with the cute Chinese good luck (ha!) charm tip and slide through the giant slats and plop into the mangy sewage water five feet below.  Ew.

The sewer that ate my phone.

Goodbye, cute little pink phone. Goodbye, SIM card I’ve had since 2002, when I got my very first phone ever. Goodbye, phone numbers of everyone I know, the first “I love you” text I got from my Aussie, photo of said Aussie with a sleep mask on that just warms my heart…and some not-entirely-appropriate photos we won’t mention but I nonetheless wish I still had.  *sigh*

I need a cheer up!  Do you?  Maybe this will help — possibly the most ridiculous sign ever, courtesy of Orange King, the Asian-and-burger place, on the Ave…

Most Oldest Burgers

All better now? 🙂


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